Warpath APK MOD 0.15.14 (Unlimited Money/Weapons/Gold/Coin)


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November ‎02, ‎2021
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Wonder Games has brought Warpath to Android in the most suitable format. With a player that can run on both your PC or Mac, you can play on any device you want and aren’t restricted by your choices and work on convenience instead of being forced to have a phone, tablet or laptop in order to play this awesome game.

In the game, a powerful force manifests as a demon is controlling the world. Their obsessive training rituals and pathological brainwashing practices have become exacerbated. They often shout ‘Get rid of the scum!’ or “Crush the weak!” until there is daylight. Innocent lives are killed at frightening speeds. The once-loyal soldiers turn into darkness when a barbarian army quickly regains power .

Only a bold general can muster up enough courage to lead his army straight into battle. Train your team and equip them with powerful units suitable for confronting Raven. It’s your fight, and you have to be the one in command. Only an effective strategy will win you this desperate war.

The story in the Warpath In the Warpath, you will be taken back in time to 1941, but this is a different timeline with different events, which are completely up to you. The Raven army is on a campaign of conquest and won’t stop until they control all of the land. Each level presents you with a challenge where you can create your own formations using over 90 military units and employ strategies that best suit your level of expertise. Compose an army according to your preferred style and then start directing your troops across various terrains while facing off against hordes of enemies whose abilities increase as you move along the campaign. The way some units will respond to your commands depends on the situation – for example, an infantry unit will not respond favorably if given an order at night when visibility is poor. You’re in charge of putting a stop to enemy advances, so take command and do what needs to be done!

While being a military leader is no easy task, it’s important to have the right traits in order to be successful. It’s necessary for one to be as strong and resilient as is physically possible so that you can think creatively when it’s time to defend your world from those who contact trouble you! Just like a painter carefully chooses which colors will look best when combined with others, you must meticulously strategize what tactics are best calculated to remove challengers from your path of conquest.


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